G+21 & G+23 Floors

Installment Linked Plan (for G+21 & G+23 floors)

S.No Payment Due Percentage (%) of Other Charges  
1 On Booking along with application form As Applicable*    
  On or within 1 month from the date of 20% of BSP (less    
2 issuance of PAL Booking Amount**)    
  On or within 3 months from the date of      
3 issuance of PAL 10% of BSP    
4 On commencement of excavation 10% of BSP Car Parking  
5 On laying of upper basement slab 10% of BSP    
6 On laying of 2nd floor roof slab 10% of BSP IDC  
7 On laying of 6th floor roof slab 5% of BSP    
8 On laying of 10th floor roof slab 5% of BSP    
9 On laying of 14th floor roof slab 5% of BSP    
10 On laying of 17th floor roof slab 5% of BSP ESSC  
11 On laying of 20th floor roof slab 5% of BSP    
12 On laying of top floor roof slab 5% of BSP    
  On completion of internal plaster &      
13 flooring within the apartment 5% of BSP    
      Social club  
      membership +  
      advance + IFMD +  
14 On offer of Possession 5% of BSP One time lease rent  
  Total 100%    

Cheques should be drawn in favor of ‘Jaypee Sports International Limited’.

1. Installments under S. No. 5 – 13 may run concurrently with those under S. No. 1 – 4 based on the physical progress of Work at site.
2. The demand letter for Installments at S. No. 5 to 13 shall be sent in advance providing for payment period of up to 15 days.